Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wool felt candle mat and pillows

Hey there! well has it been awhile or what :0)  I am just not finding the time these days to get all I would like done, it seems to be the story of my life! I was able to accomplish some wool items that I finished about a week and a half ago. I seriously love working with the wool felt. I finished a fall pumpkin candle mat and I really LOVE the colors in it! and it went quicker than thought, so I made two. One will be listed in my ETSY shop and one I will take to my craft show coming up. I also made some shelf pillows and I will also list them in my ETSY shop hopefully today.  Here are some pictures....

I love the colors in this candle mat

I just love this sheep pattern

**They all are Penny Lane Primitives Patterns**

Well we also have been beyond busy the past two weeks working on my daughters freshmen class homecoming float. My word that is a lot of work but it was fun also, and we had a pretty good turn out of kids to help with it all so that was nice.  They did an awesome job!  Here are some pictures of the float and then of my girl ready for the homecoming dance....

my little one was right in the middle of it all
 and was a good helper

ready for her first homecoming

 So that's about all for around here, have a great week!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My finally finished candle mat

Well hello all! I know it's been awhile since I have posted, just busy with life and have been slowly working on the upcoming kids birthdays decorations and in between that some stitching  :0)
So I think way back- who knows how long ago- I told ya I was working on a new candle mat, a Penny Lane Primitives Pattern. I really enjoy her patterns. Well I have finally finished it and boy it felt like it was sitting on my counter in my craft room forever!!  Here it is....

Isn't it to cute! I just love the colors used. It measures 15" across and is made from wool felt blend. It was a bit time consuming cutting out all those pieces but worth it in the end  :0) The background is a silver grey then backed onto black. I am very happy with it and even more happier that it is finally finished! I made two and listed one in my Etsy shop, you can see it here and the other will be for my fall show. 
Well that's all for today, hope everyone has a great week and weekend!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's in bloom around my house...

Hi everyone!
 Well life is pretty busy these days with the end of school nearing. I have been able to do a bit of paper crafting making some cards~ you can see those on my other blog, check the sidebar~ Well my son had his senior prom last Saturday and my daughter had her 8th grade dance the same night! So it was a day of getting all dressed up and then pictures of course! The pics are below of them, and I am waiting on more of my son with his girlfriend, since I didn't get to go with to do the photo thing before prom. So I was bummed about that but I guess I will just wait for my copies. So we did pics of them with me and hubby.
I also thought I would share some spring flower blooms that are around my home. Everything looks so pretty  when it all starts to bloom, I just love it! I hope you enjoy them to  :0)

Ready to go

Having some fun



Me, Austin and Dad

Me  and Austin

Me and Hannah

Dad and Hannah

A cactus 




White Jasmine


Bleeding Heart

I forget this one :0)


Bleeding Heart

Pink Gardenia

Red Gardenia

Orchid buds getting ready to open soon

my Peace Lily in the house

Enjoy your week!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Kids Easter table decorations

Hey there! I hope your Easter holiday was wonderful. I wanted to share the kids table I put together. I just have so much fun doing parties :0)

The table waiting for kiddos

I attached some yellow rick rack onto a huge pink Margarita cup
then filled it with jelly beans and dum dums and a scoop

I had some paper "grass" from last year and placed that down the center 
of the table. I then put chick peeps and eggs through out the grass.

Each kid got a water bottle with a cute Happy Easter label 
made by my SIL. The younger ones got playdough all wrapped
up in chevron paper, a cupcake liner and a chick/bunny egg
full of treats. I saw the idea on ~Echoes of Laughter~ you can click there
and see her post, hers were so cute I had to make some :)
I tied the fork and spoon with some streamer and tucked a 
smartie candy into each bundle. 

I placed my cupcake stands~ that I love~ on each side of the
huge cup and put Hannah's super cute chick cupcakes in them
 along with some peep chicks

We did a nature scavenger hunt and after that each kiddo got a cool goodie bag full of fun stuff. Then my hubby and two of the nephews had an egg fight~ with raw eggs!!~ YUCK! as you can guess I did NOT join in on that "fun"!  So that's all for our Easter day fun. I just posted over on my other blog, about an awesome prize package I won from a fun blog I follow~ Hoopla Palooza ~ so go check out my post if ya wanna see what I won! :0)  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Painting is done~well almost...

So my painting project~ my master bedroom and bathroom~ is finished, almost. I still have a door to paint that I have just been putting on hold so I can do other things. I really love the colors I used. Now I am still looking for some stuff for my walls or to make, so the walls look a lil' plain. I would so love to talk my hubby into getting a small flat screen TV for the room instead of the small but bulky one we currently have on his dresser. I am just sick of the way it looks and want to upgrade, but he could care less about that stuff {I know sounds crazy right} so if that happens I will be able to clean up his dresser more  :0)  So until then I will be happy with my new paint job  :0)  

My new curtains, I love!

Just ignore the ugly TV  :0)

There is the unpainted door, it will be the same as the trim soon

My Mom's Bible, her and I, on my wedding day, in the photo

This is a small cabinet I made that now has stuff that was my Mom's 
and the book is a book of Poems and my Mom's poems are published in it

Our bathroom, been tossing the idea around of painting
the vanity cabinets black and distressing

New curtains in here

Well that's all for today, I did post a cute Candy Basket on my other blog if you want to hop on over there and check it out, and one Hannah made.
Thinking one day I will have to combine the two blogs as just one, hmmmm......
Well I hope you all have a great Blessed Easter, we are going to sunrise service, which is always a challenge to get up and to church on time- we are always running late- then over to my in-laws for lunch. Should be fun!  I will take plenty of pictures to share  :0)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break Time

Hi everybody!  Well it is spring break here and I am in the mood for cleaning, rearranging, and getting rid of stuff, and then flowers  :0)   Well I began the task of cleaning out the inside of my cabinets this week, I have all the bottoms and drawers done so just the tops left. I am so surprised at how much dust can collect inside a cabinet that is closed practically all the time! How!?!  Anyway it does at my house but I swear I have enough dust in my home for everyone! I hate dusting because it can be a constant daily job, especially with an active house. Then I am also in that mood this time of year to get rid of things, why is that? What is it about the spring that makes people want to simplify their space? I don't know but I always get that way so I move things around and see how I like the new look. We rearranged my little Samantha's room and put a new shelf unit in it to hold toys, dolls and such. She is happy with the new look so next we are doing Hannah's room. Our master bedroom is almost finished, well I just can't decide on one thing yet if I want to put it up or not, so I am taking longer getting my pictures up for that redo  :0)
 Then there is the flowers everywhere! I always just can't help myself when I goto the stores, it's like they just pull me in and I end up with a bunch in my cart because they are just so darn pretty! Then I bring them home and they sit for a week or two {like the one's are right now on my porch} until I finally get them planted! I have this old wash tub stand with two metal tubs on my porch and I am planning on putting my flowers in them but first I had to find the right size pot. The tubs are quite big and I didn't want to plant directly into them so I have been looking for pots for them. I ended up getting plastic beverage tubs from Wal-mart and will drill holes in it and put a tray on the bottom. Now to get more dirt and they will be done! I did add more flowers to my porch rail planters and they are still going strong so that's nice  :0)

My front porch in need of some color
See the wash tub stand, that's the flowers for it on the bench on the left
this pic was taken before I put the flowers in the rail planters.

 I have been crafting for my girls lately instead of me so I still have no prims to share but I do have a cute wreath that you can see how I made it on my other blog~ check it out on the side bar~ and a hair accessory holder coming soon that I just finished for her.

Samantha's Pink Princess wreath

I have been busy planning out birthday parties, it's early but I like to plan early. Also getting ready for Easter, can you believe it is almost here already! I also have been planning our team stuff with my sister for our Relay For Life team. We are doing a team in memory and celebration of our Mom, she passed away in 2009 from a brain tumor. It all went very fast and was hard since I wasn't able to help as much as I wanted because I had just had my Samantha two months before my mom was diagnosed and had surgery. Our team is called ~Monster Mash~  cancer is a monster and we need to mash it out of our lives. This is our first year doing a team on our own so there is alot of different feelings going on :0)  I will share more on that as it gets here.
Well I hope you are having a great spring break also, I have to get ready for the beach now so have a great weekend!